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Want to be a more innovative, Top performing INPO 1 Nuclear Station? Get rid of these Staffing Companies. Today!

“We are Nuclear Professionals and we provide nuclear professionals to our clients.  We have an obligation to operate our Nuclear Recruiting Firm in a manner that inspires confidence in ourselves, the nuclear client, the regulator, and the public” –Donald L. Grove, Sr. President of Nuclear Recruiters, Inc.

Supplemental personnel as per INPO AP-930 HYPERLINK “”"HYPERLINK “”Supplemental Personnel Process Description” are vital to the success of Commercial Nuclear Power Plants. They fill an important void created by insufficient resources or skills of nuclear station employees.  Several Nuclear stations with good experience with supplemental personnel performance have found that building strong relationships with these workers, treating them with respect, and integrating them fully into their station teams are keys to good performance, regardless of the Staffing Company in use.


However there are unique Industry and Regulatory requirements of nuclear power that are different than other industries, which is why the Nuclear Industry relies on Staffing Companies that have a specialized skill at staffing for the Nuclear industry.


Staffing Companies supply contract resources to the Nuclear Industry very quickly to fulfill an immediate staffing need for Engineering, Trades, Outages, Online support, Projects, Major Modifications, Equipment Reliability initiatives, etc.

These Nuclear Staffing Companies–and we’re going to talk about three specific types in a minute that are costing your organization MILLIONS of dollars with little or no ROI–passive-aggressively hurt the Nuclear Industry, block innovation from happening and will suck the financial energy out of any organization.

When confronted with any of the following three types of staffing companies–and you have found it impossible to change their ways, say goodbye.

But most nuclear utilities are trying to make significant strides at regaining INPO 1 status, Equipment Reliability intiatives, Nuclear Safety Excellence, reduction in Operational Costs, Human Performance, KPI improvements and they need experienced contract resources to help with those advances.

When the smoke clears and millions of dollars have been poured into the pockets of the Staffing Companies, the Nuclear Utility has discovered that it has not improved at all, in fact, their KPI’s are worse, the accidents have increased, and now they’re an INPO 3 and Category 4 with the NRC.  Nuclear Recruiters(TM) has discovered the value of a certain item in the leadership toolbox: the pink slip.

Show of hands: How many of you out there in the Nuclear Industry have gotten the “what took you so long?” question from your staff when you finally said goodbye to a teammate or Staffing company who was seemingly always part of problems instead of solutions?

We imagine a whole bunch of hands. (Yep, mine went up, too.)

For the purposes of this process description, “Supplemental Personnel” as per INPO AP-930 “Supplemental Personnel Process Description” refers to persons who conduct work or provide services on or off site who are not full-time station personnel.  These include any of the following:

  • Contractors and vendors who perform work on site
  • Contractors and vendors who perform work off site, such as engineering modifications or analyses, component fabrication, equipment refurbishment, and equipment testing

Contracted Personnel – Includes personnel in the following categories:

  • Long-term contracted staff augmentation
  • Short-term contracted workers, such as outage workers or consultants

Now let’s identify these three types of Nuclear Staffing Firms, find out if you’ve signed a very lucrative contact with any one of them, and most importantly how to fix this potentially very costly mistake to your organization.

  1. 1.            Piranhas

The Management Team Has NEVER Actually Worked in the Protected Area in a Nuclear Plant yet their company is billed as Nuclear Staffing Professionals.
“What’s the Protected Area? I don’t have to go inside the plant do I? I don’t have to work in the Industry; I just have to find people that have worked there.”

Piranhas are Staffing Companies who see Nuclear Clients as money pits.  They don’t care about the Acronyms, unaware about procedure use and adherence, clueless regarding Radiologically Controlled Areas (RCA), and Nuclear safety.  Their expertise is limited to billing clients and purchase orders.  These companies regard the Nuclear Industry and its unique Regulatory requirements as an afterthought–they almost seem to enjoy the unfamiliarity with nuclear process.  They submit unqualified applicants time and time again, with a screening process that is laughable to say the least.  The management team tries to perform background checks and reference verification, yet the recruiters haven’t got a clue about what they will be actually doing,

Piranhas aren’t looking for opportunities; they are looking for purchase orders. Piranhas can’t innovate, they overbill and offer excuses to your organization.

Nuclear Recruiters Management Team has actually worked In-House as a full time employee at a PWR US Nuclear Facility for years as well as a Contract resource at over ten US PWR, BWR across the country as well as internationally at a CANDU Nuclear plant.  Drawing on 10 years extensive Nuclear Industry experience, qualifications and Regulatory requirements, Nuclear Recruiters(TM) was founded on emphasizing Project Cost Control, meeting Project Milestones, Communication, and dynamic Team Leadership. Nuclear Recruiters(TM) organizational processes, and in conjunction with Industry regulated process:

  • INPO AP-930 “Supplemental Personnel Process Description”
  • EPRI AP-913 “Equipment Reliability Process Description”
  • EPRI AP-928 “Work Management Process Description”
  • NEI AP-940Nuclear Asset Management Process Description”
  • NRC

….will help fulfill any client’s project success.

As either a Long-term or Short-term staff Augmentation or Managed task contract employment/staffing solution, Nuclear Recruiters(TM) can successfully place personnel for every organizational need. Whether offering professional consulting expertise or placing quality staff, Nuclear Recruiters(TM) has the depth and breadth of experience to provide manpower in Nuclear Project Management, Engineering, Construction, Commissioning and Start-up, Operations and Maintenance for your needs.

When it comes to workforce management for your organization, keep Nuclear Recruiters(TM) in mind – and in your Nuclear Facility…because we always have real solutions in mind for you.


Nuclear Recruiters(TM) has specific proprietary knowledge, education and expertise to offer a comprehensive array of services in workforce management specific to the Nuclear Industry that separate Nuclear Recruiters(TM) from other similar staffing agencies.


  1. 2.            Greenhorns

The Staffing Firm has a database full of Non-Nuclear applicants.  Supplemental Resource has NEVER Worked in a Nuclear Plant previously
“What do you mean have I been badged in the past 365 days? New nuclear worker definition:  Any supplemental worker who has not been badged for unescorted access at a commercial nuclear power plant.




Reported by feedback and benchmarking from INPO and Nuclear Utilities, the number of events caused by Supplemental Personnel over the past 2½ years is increasing.






Although all staffing agencies can provide supplemental resources from a database of resources, most non-nuclear staffing agencies do not possess the required nuclear processes to attain high levels of Nuclear Industry consistency, Station Reliability and Nuclear Safety to ensure the client’s project success.


Nearly half of the significant events associated with equipment involve supplemental personnel and ALL of the significant events associated with industrial safety involve supplemental personnel new to nuclear.


Of the reported events supplemental personnel have averaged 75 events per year over the last three years


  • The number of events caused by supplemental personnel over the past 2½ years is increasing
  •  Nearly half of the significant events associated with equipment involve supplemental personnel and ALL of the significant events associated with industrial safety involve supplemental personnel
  • Of the reported events supplemental personnel have averaged 75 events per year over the last three years


I wonder which so-called Nuclear Staffing Specialist Firm keeps providing these inexperienced contract resources to your nuclear site…do you?




  1. 3.            Know-It-Alls

Last but not least, the Staffing Firm relies on repeat Retired Nuclear employees that have no motivation other than collecting a paycheck (double-dipping).Beware of the Staffing Firm that provides these Retirees from a Nuclear Plant that Knows-It-All

“You people obviously don’t understand the Nuclear Industry like I do. I worked for 35 years before I retired and I’ve forgotten more stuff than you’ll ever know.  I have underwear older than you.  You can’t do it that way; this is how it’s ALWAYS been done.  Don’t get me started on why this site won’t ever be an INPO 1 ….”

The best Staffing Firms hire experienced learners in the Nuclear Industry, not knowers. There was a quote in the movie Avatar, “It’s hard to fill a cup that is already full”.  The same can be said about innovative cultures within the Staffing Firm; they are learning cultures. “You’re never too old to learn something new”. Nuclear Recruiters has built these cultures, either through intuition or experience, know that in order to discover, they must eagerly seek out things they don’t understand and jump right into the deep end of the pool. Leadership by example is the best way to ensure the contract resources that we provide to our clients have years of nuclear industry experience, yet still have the ability to grow and contribute to solutions and not compound the problem.

The Staffing Company must fail fearlessly and quickly and then learn and share their lessons with the team. When they behave this way, they empower others around them to follow suit–and presto, a culture of discovery is born and nurtured.

In school, the one who knows the most gets the best grades, goes to the best college, and gets the best salary. On the job, the person who can figure things out the quickest is often celebrated. And unfortunately, it is often this smartest, most-seasoned employee who eventually becomes expert in using his or her knowledge to explain why things are impossible rather than possible.

This Staffing Firm should be challenged, retrained, and compensated for helping a Nuclear client succeed. But if this company’s habits, and the resources they keep providing, are too deeply ingrained to change, you must let that Staffing Company go. Otherwise, this Staffing Company and its resources will unwittingly keep your Nuclear Utility from becoming a top performer and seeing other opportunities right under your noses with other staffing firms.

Nuclear Recruiters(TM) SUPPLEMENTAL PERSONNEL PRINCIPLES align with INPO AP-930 “Supplemental Personnel Process Description”


  • The station line management team always retains ultimate responsibility for ensuring nuclear safety and cannot delegate this responsibility to supplemental personnel.


  • Performance standards and expectations for the conduct of work activities by supplemental personnel are no different than those high performance standards expected of station staff.


  • Supplemental personnel understand and use the same station processes for performing work activities.


  • Supplemental personnel performing work independently (that is, under their own supervision) are qualified to criteria commensurate with utility personnel qualified to perform that work


  • Good industrial safety performance of supplemental personnel cannot be assumed.


  • The roles and responsibilities of the supervisor, whether a station employee or a supplemental supervisor, are clearly defined and vigorously implemented for supervising supplemental personnel.


  • A close, interdependent relationship between the supplemental, and station personnel is established that generates a spirit of cooperation.


You don’t want the Piranhas, Greenhorns, or Know-it-All Staffing companies providing contract resources to your nuclear facility. It is up to Nuclear Recruiters to make sure they never submit a resume, be presented as a candidate or will see the inside of your Nuclear Plant as a Contract resource employed by Nuclear Recruiters(TM).

“I wanted to HELP my Nuclear Utility Clients be successful. So I fired all the inexperienced Supplemental resources, removed their resumes from my database completely and refused to accept resumes from anyone without previous Nuclear experience, period”
–Donald L. Grove, Sr. President of Nuclear Recruiters, Inc.




Donald L. Grove, Sr. is the President of Nuclear Recruiters, Inc. a Charlotte, North Carolina based Nuclear Industry Staffing Firm and Recruiting Subject Matter Expert (S.M.E.) specializing in providing Professional Nuclear Supplemental Support Staff for “Direct Hire” and “Contract” positions, exclusively for Commercial Nuclear Power Utilities and Governmental Agencies. Our mission is to HELP our Nuclear Utility Clients Attain Consistent, Predictable, High Levels of Performance in Nuclear Safety and Quality by providing Qualified, Experienced and Professional Nuclear Supplemental Resources at Reduced Costs to the Client. To Contact us call 1.888.317.8430 or E-Mail:



Donald L. Grove, Sr.

President, Nuclear Recruiters, Inc.







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